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Come to Staten Island's Children Museum for art exhibits, use the life-size game exhibits and spend time discovering different sides of nature & environment

Kiddy Time at Staten Island Children’s Museum

June 6, 2014

Looking for somewhere to take your kids to for a holiday where they will enjoy themselves to the fullest? Then how about planning your next trip to Staten Island, New York for some fun time with the kids at the Staten Island Children’s Museum?

Opened in 1976, the Staten Island Children’s Museum features hands-on interactive exhibits. Currently, there are many separate exhibit areas for charter bus visitors and their kids to explore.

Exhibits at the Museum

  • House About It: This exhibit features homes and how they’re built, and the people who built them. Kids can use the digger and the wrecking ball, work with a real drill, design and decorate a home; basically, learning all of the building trades.
  • Art in the Museum: Coach bus visitors and the kids can head to this art museum that shows many different types of artwork from popular artists such as DB Lampman, Diane M. Brunner, Cynthia Panucci and more. There are many different types of interesting and fascinating works of art such as Francis the Praying Mantis, World’s Table, World Peace Lotus, and a 3D sculpture of a baseball game.
  • Big Games: This fun area is where kids can play board games in massive size, such as Chess with life-sized pieces, giant Dominoes, bowling, checkers, connect four, and ball toss. They can even build their own wooden cabin with Builder-Boards!
  • Block Harbor: Explore a fantasy pirate ship, or be on the lookout deck, ring the bell, navigate the wheel and let your child’s imagination go free.
  • Bugs & Other Insects: Kids and adults from the coach bus group will enjoy this cool exhibit, provided they are not afraid of creepy crawlies! You get to crawl through human sized ant hill, and see how insects live their daily lives. There is even a collection of arthropods her that you might find rather amazing.
  • Great Explorations: Explore a rainforest canopy and cave, drive a dogsled in the tundra or dive to the ocean floor, build an igloo, cross a river, walk on snow shoes, host a radio show, and drive a submersible.
  • Green Living Room: Everything in this room is powered with green energy. Check out the model turbine and lights, they show how energy is collected from the wind turbine on the roof.
  • Ladder 11: Kids just love this exhibit where they can ring the bell, slide down the pole, try on the turn-out gear, manipulate the gauges, hook up a hose and jump aboard our authentic 1941 Seagrave fire truck - all to pretend to be a firefighter.
  • Portia’s Playhouse: This theatre and stage allows kids to put on skits using props and sound effects to enhance the performance on the real stage.
  • Sea of Boats: An outdoor sea-faring, soft surface play-space that features boats, a lighthouse, and a crow's nest with activities including radar, Morse Code, fishing, oystering, water play and other nautical knick-knacks.
  • Walk-in Workshop: Here is where coach bus visitors can explore art whether adult or child. Paint, squish clay, and get handy with craft at the many workshops held through the week.

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